Merry Melancholy !

How often do you think of me,Darlin'

Cause I've been marking time for hours together,

With the tint of desire in my eyes

And love in my wide open arms.

To make you omit all your worries

And take you to our very own world,

Where nobody else exists

Except you&me.

How will I tell you,Darlin' That how cold my days have been without you, Thinking of you,me and us all the time, Recapturing moments we have spent together, Happy,funny and sad as well, Cause I felt you're near me, By my side all the time. The moment your name pops up,Darlin' I feel my whole world has come to life. All my stillness comes to an end, Cause you've been the painkiller I've struggled for. To put end to all my miseries and sorrows And get those few moments of joy That keeps me breathing throughout. To meet you once more when You'll be accessible.

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